Romeo & Julius am 11.1.: Schmutzige Hobbys

Hey! Weckerbauer, Schallwandbauer und ggf. Schlafwandler…

Wecker kaufen plus Intension auf die Illusion vom Schlaf auf Zeit!
Ausgeschlafen oder verschlafen sein, das ist hier die Frage! Bestimmt der Wecker den Start in den Alltag? Ja. Wie sieht der Wecker 2019 aus? Gut. Wecker sind so sinnvoll, hach! Die innere Uhr hat nichts damit zu tun, leider!

Der Wecker, der Schlafbrecher! Ein Abbruch eines Traumes kann Konsequenzen haben.

Externe Wecker, was ist das?
Eine Hungrige Katze

Geschichte Teil 1 👻 Story Part1
Leider nur in Englisch! Sorry just in english, we are an gay institution in Berlin! It’s nice to speak German, but a lot hipster speak just English let’s take them by the spoken words! Let’s believe in hipster! Please forgive! Learn english, be international and more queer! Yeah and yes! Don’t worry, ok?
Okay let’s start!

The housecat
The internal cat inside you will sleep a long time! And how long!
But a real cat knows what it needs! Especially a housecat! It has nothing more to do than to live! A long time! Maybe 20 years or much longer! Wow, and all the time it’s hungry for love! All the love is in a tin. The big eyes have a knowledge of the boss, the good times, and bad times from it! The daily morning start!
And the cat has a name: Alarm!
No cheap names of expensive fashion companies, wow!
It’s 5 o’clock in the morning! Alarm is so hungry! in the main way it would eat the boss but the boss is fat and maybe not as tastefull as a mouse or whiskas, yes!
The End

Story 👻 Part2

Alarm wasn’t hungry in the morning but had a lot of whiskas. And it loves to be not hungry and the feeling in paradise. The Boss comes to see if the cat has eaten something. The food in paradise was working. Alarm ate so good and was convinced and started a life without deals with boss. Open end!

Tomorrow is a plan to have some cake and take a beer in a bar! More details on Friday at 8 pm! At Mann-O-Meter, of course…

Freitag, 20 Uhr im MOM! Kuchen und Kneipentour, yes!


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